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We combine over 10 years of experience in the automotive lift industry. We have worked so many hours to offer the best services to hundreds of automotive workshops throughout  Florida. From car lift installation, Inspections, repair, sourcing equipment supply, through to service and maintenance.



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Whether you’re a professional garage mechanic or a home enthusiast, you’re probably aware of the massive difference a workshop lift can make to your productivity. Automotive Lift Experts carries a wide range of high-quality Challenger Lifts to suit the needs of any thriving commercial garage or dedicated car enthusiast. We offer 2 post car lifts, 4 post car lifts, alignment lifts, car storage and parking lifts, mid-rise lifts, car scissor lifts and more.
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We are professional, well trained and have everything you need to set up your entire mechanic shop if it is necessary.

We bring you the fastest and most accurate and fair-price service estimates.
We emphasizes quality service to ensure our customer’s equipment is working all the time.
We provide the best services without compromising safety, functionality or durability

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I couldn't be more pleased that I selected this company to install my double wide platform suspension lift, it was a more expensive and complicated lift; yet their fee was very reasonable, and the finished product was excellent. They worked smart, efficiently, and safe. Most importantly, they went out of their way to please the customer. I'm very happy. This is a two-man operation that does the work of five. They are experienced in all kinds of lifts; and ; taking great care to protect property.
Simon Smith
Garage's Enthusiast
I purchased the four post lift for doing my own maintenance and services and storing my second car on. Well since they installed it, I have done services on all my vehicles including my motorbikes, makes the job so much easier. The great thing about this lift is that I didn't have to bolt it down which make it easy if I want to work on all four wheels without having to turn the vehicle around, just move the hoist to the center of the shed and away you go. Thank you guys! for such smooth and professional service.
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