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Most manufacturers recommend fully enclosed undercover installation only. Note that the equipment warranty will not apply if you do install your Lift outside.

Car lifts are powered by the standard single phase 240v 15-25 amp power or Some residential lifts the motor are available 110V.  We usually bypass the motor to test hydraulics and equalization but after the installation is completed. an electrical Installation must be carried out by a licensed electrician.

  • Yes, at Automotive Lift Experts we carry an extensive range of parts. Additionally, many standard parts are also available from local suppliers, such as O-rings, hydraulic fittings and hoses, electrical switches etc.

Each model of car lift requires a different amount of oil and type, mostly we used Hydraulic Oil Fluid AW32 or ATF Depending of the lift specifications manual.  As a guide 2 post car lift require about 4 to 5 Gallons and four post car lift around 5 to 7 Gallons. 

An asymmetric Car Lifts has arms of different lengths; with the front arms shorter than the rear arms. This allows the vehicle to be placed further back on the Car lifts, giving you access to the inside of the vehicle through the front doors while it’s lifted.