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We have been in the business of providing automotive lift to businesses throughout all Florida since 2017. Our technical expertise has provided us with the ability to research and engineer products to exacting standards whilst being able to manufacture at levels that allow our products to be available to the domestic market. Our products are designed to comply with the Automotive Standards ensuring each component meets stringent safety standards keeping you and your team safe.

Our lifts come in a diverse range to suit the needs of a range of consumers from professional workshops, motor vehicle dealers service centers, garages and the home mechanic. We carry an extensive range on hand at all times and delivery it to your location.

Vehicle Lifts you can rely on…

We provide single post lists, 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts,scissor lifts, single post storage lifts, mobile column lifts, mobile side lifts, motorcycle lifts,  parking lifts, 4 posts alignment lifts and many more. 

Because of the volume of products we have supplied around Florida we ensure we keep a healthy amount of spares in case of the rare event of a part failure or the need to relocate a fixed unit.

They have dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing the most advanced technological products in the industry.

They has set the benchmark for vehicle lifts! With a solution for almost every application Rotary are one of most trusted automotive lift.

They ensure each and every ​car lift or piece of shop equipment is made to exacting standards. to provide better quality and value for you!

They are one of the leading manufacturers of automotive lifting equipment that is uniquely designed for a wide range of customers.