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Starting a business or building a new garage? Automotive Equipment Installation provides A+++ assistance on designing a new shop! We can help you put together your dream shop with our expert advice and custom AutoCAD blueprints. If you’re purchasing valuable equipment, make sure you have everything in the best functioning order. Get excited about your new project without the headache, let us take the pressure off and do the nitty gritty work so you can relax and see a job well done.

They have dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing the most advanced technological products in the industry.

They has set the benchmark for vehicle lifts! With a solution for almost every application Rotary are one of most trusted automotive lift.

They ensure each and every ​car lift or piece of shop equipment is made to exacting standards. to provide better quality and value for you!

They are one of the leading manufacturers of automotive lifting equipment that is uniquely designed for a wide range of customers.